WSU Gala Mark

OCTOBER 12, 2023 | 7:00 P.M.

Live From Beasley Coliseum in Pullman

Event Timeline

6:30 pm live stream opens

7:00 pm 43rd Annual Recognition Gala Program

Quick Tips

  • Make sure your audio volume is turned on. You should hear music playing at 6:30 pm when the live stream opens.

Dan and Kathy Harmon
Gary Schneidmiller
Edmund O. Schweitzer III, PhD and Beatriz Schweitzer


Joseph “Joe” Collier Estate
Kurt and Leslie Dammeier
David and Sara Ensor
Herbert B. Jones Foundation
Thomas “Tom” Moody Estate
Carol (Swanson) and † Paul Morford
Tom and Linda Nihoul
† Matt and † Virginia Oliver
Mark and Sheryl Ossello
David Pollart
Carol Ann Sheffels Quigg
Dale and Ernestine Scarbrough Estate
Eric and Blair Sprunk
†Jerry and Elizabeth “Liz” Swan
Washington River Protection Solutions



Alaska Airlines
Colf Family Foundation
Gerald “Gerry” A. Danquist
Richard and † Linda Detering
Kenneth Gibson and Lea Fransen
Rom and Marcia Markin Family Estate
Moss Adams Foundation
Connie Millard Niva and Judsen “Jud” Marquardt
Steven “Steve” and Janet Okerlund
† John A. Roberson and Amy Jean Roberson
† Donald and † LaVerne Taylor

† Indicates the donor is deceased

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